5 Chatbot Services Trends Enhancing the Experience of Customer

Chatbot services

Today, the world is witnessing the huge influx of smart tools, specifically when it comes to the business world. Each organization tends to outgrow its business’s objective with the motive to rank maiden among the set of its competitors.

Chatbot services are one of such implementations, revolutionizing the experience of business and customers, as well. The chatbot advocates the essentials of business with the purpose to connect the business with the customer, at an agile pace.

What are the Chatbot Services?

The chatbot is the AI-based software used for conducting the conversation between the two parties via text and voice inputs without or minimal human inputs. Chatbot services, basically run over the pre-requisites of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

NLP helps the chatbot in filtering out the context and its meaning, based on the text and voice inputs which may also differ on the basis of language.

What are Chatbots Good At?

A chatbot is a software designed to communicate with potential customers, with the purpose to improve the approach to clients and close the sales with excellent revenue generation.

The chatbot services are the prime concern when we are specifically talking about the route of chatbot’s functionality.

Following are appreciable contexts, at which the chatbot is eminent at;

  • Acts as a communication channel between customer and business.
  • Keyword-driven result.
  • Gives the results by analyzing the sentiments of the user.
  • Excellent at predicting the customer’s obligation.
  • Widely accepted in call centers for serving the final resolution to the query of the customer.

Top 5 Chatbot Trends in the Year 2020:

The chatbot is smart for communicating with the customer. The emergence of chatbot services and its trends bolsters in exploring the varied platform, whether it’s the offering of crisp solutions from the knowledge base or smart decision by re-routing it to professional, expertise in the domain.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 chatbot trends that are changing the outlook of the business:

1.     Personalized Human-Touch:

With the advent of technology, the chatbot no longer lags behind in terms of advocating customers with a natural feel of human-like services.

The software developers have worked immensely over the technology, either its machine learning or artificial intelligence. The personalized experience of human-touch in offered services, catered via chatbot bolster the trust rate on software and count in as a reliable factor.

The trend of human-touch in chatbot services is limiting the need to connect the real agent at every stop.

2.     Implementation of AI-Based Chatbot in Call Centers:

The call center is all about easing the attempts of the customer to reach the call center agent to explain the main issue with the vision to get a resolution as soon as possible.

Call centers are seen installing an AI-based system in the niche with the purpose to automate the experience and work according to the standard call center metrics and KPIs.

The chatbot helps in predicting the customer’s obligation, also it routes the customer to the particular agents, based on his insertions and history with the organization. Also, one can see a glimpse of chatbot services in the course of IVR, call recording, predictive dialer, etc.

3.     Streamlined Voice Bots:

Voice bots are in demand when it comes to gain customized experience in your adobe. Text can seem monotonous and exhaustive when one plans to gain efficient services.

The AI-based devices like Alexa, Miko, Google Home and Google Mini are some smart device easing the efforts of customers with its chatbot services.

Voice bots are high in demand due to its interactive features and apt result delivery. It can easily anticipate the customer’s obligation by analyzing the mood and sentiment of the user.

4.     Implementation of AI-Based Services and Chatbot in Social Media:

Today, almost every individual is present on social media. Thus, in order to explore the virtues of their business, the organization are implementing the latest AI techniques to boost the rate of revenue via the social media marketing campaign.

These social media marketing campaigns are usually AI-laced, that smartly understands the trends of user’s social media history, and time of activeness on social media.

Thus, based on the areas of interests anticipated by AI can further create conversation, in order to close the deal via the responsive chat through a chatbot on the social media page.

5.     Automated Payments Through Chatbot:

Chatbot services are drastically changing the fashion of business and proceeded payment methods. The payments proceeded are getting catered over the messaging application and chatbox, with the motive to convert the business’s need at a faster pace.

The chatbot initiates the messages at a faster speed, with the motive to satisfy the need of the customer.

Facebook messenger app is one of the famous platform accelerating the experience of the customer by completing the payment at that moment only.

The payment via chatbot comprises various benefits such as one can create purchase over messenger only along with 24*7 chatbot services.

In Conclusion:

A chatbot is the latest model of technology, shifting the moves of business. The organizations are implementing onset trends of chatbot services in the niche with the motive to automate and customize the experience of the customer.


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