6 Android App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2020


Even since the emergence of the smartphone by the launch of the first smartphone the face of the mobile apps has transformed. Everything that has happened until now was unforeseen, achieving unimaginable boundaries and reaching sky potential heights in expanding the mobile industry. Smartphones have now become our constant companion, being attached to our everyday lives which without it a person feels helpless. 

Hence, due to these phenomena, the trend of mobile app development has been emerging and materializing along its path, reaching to unlimited possibilities. The future of mobile app development shines in the spotlight with some of the advancements that will change our lives completely in the year 2020. Here is how:

  1. Internet of Things

Nobody even thought about the mass connectivity between devices that have crawled into our livelihood to a much greater extent. IoT products are the new futuristic trends that will allow controlling even the most basic devices such as light bulbs, home locks, doorbells, and many other appliances, allowing seamless connectivity through a mobile application. Many organizations are shifting their operations towards IoT app development allowing for smart-house automation, self-driving automobiles, IoT in healthcare and many other trends that will constitute the overall reflection of IoT devices across multiple sectors.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Whenever discussing the topic of artificial intelligence the first things that pop in the mind are virtual assistants and Chatbots. However, the future of AI will have a much greater role than what it has to offer in the present time. Besides focusing on the enhancement of existing applications, many tools such as AI-powered cameras, user anticipations, purchasing behaviors can be found implemented in smartphones. Artificial intelligence combined with machine learning aids to perform complex activities be it cross-platform development, it can learn from processes by gathering data and patterns from previous years and fix them in real-time.

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

AR and VR have already taken over the gaming sector. But these technologies, in just a matter of time, will be part of our daily life across different industries. Many AR-based applications are prevalent to transition into fully functioning apps, bringing in enhanced innovation. Many developers are still not skilled enough to implement AR due to the novelty of this spectacular technology, opening up opportunities for android application Development Company to find expert developers to produce AR applications to enhance the experience. Mixed reality will revolutionize our social media interaction in various ways. For instance, Snapchat allows augmented reality filters to interact with friends online creating artistic and hilarious experience leading to increased customer engagement and popularity.

  • Beacon Technology

Beacon technology has been massively adopted by companies who want to build effective communication standards with users. Beacon technology uses Bluetooth low energy signals to provide relevant notifications to users about the product browsed on search engines. If offers information about the stores that have a particular product available that saves hassle for owners who can directly reach the stores without wasting their valuable time. Beacons have immense potential to expand their marketing landscape reducing the path between users and organizations respectively. Some of the future application concerning beacon technologies is beacon payment technologies, a beacon in travel and tourism and many other sectors.

  • Cloud Integration

Cloud technology never fails to impress with its massive possibilities and endless benefits. It’s the most reliable and secures way to store data over the air that not only provides the ultimate fort Knox but also mitigates operational costs to almost a minimum. Cloud technology has been amalgamated with smartphone apps, significantly reducing hardware load so users never have to worry about their phones crashing or getting stuck in boot loops cloud integration benefits both users and developers respectively. Mobile app development proves to be faster on cloud plus easier for users to run it over the cloud without even direct installation, saving smartphone space.

  • Digital Payment Gateways

The initiations of digital payment gateways have changed the way people purchase their products and services completely. Mobile wallets are quickly gaining popularity in the hearts of users. There is no need to worry if someone forgets their wallet at home with just a smartphone required to facilitate payment. This had made the payment process much quicker and smoother with an android application Development Company concentrating on the amalgamation of multiple payment gateways to provide users with convenience and hassle-free experience. Moreover, firms not only utilize software resources to facilitate payment but take complete advantage of mobile hardware as well.  For instance, making payment through biometric scans or facial identification has proven to be effective with mid to high range smartphones having complete access over this facility.

In the end, it could be concluded now that the mentioned trends are best for business operators and marketers who want to outperform their rivals in the beginning phase of the year 2020.


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