Bored of your city’s hustle bustle? Nag Tibba is calling you. You must go.


India is an incredible country for its deep rooted traditions, cultures and beliefs. India has many major tourist attractions in different states. One is in the state of Uttarakhand- Nag Tibba. Indian mythology is rooted deep in beliefs. Snakes, as they are called Nagas in the local language, are highly revered in Hindu mythology. There is no surprise that we have sacred mountains in India with scriptures, festivals, temples, rivers, gods and goddesses dedicated to snake deities.

Known as Serpant’s peak, Nag Tibba is a wonderful delight for wanderers all over the world. Adventure junkies who believe in Indian mythology and are looking for spiritual insight must do this trek to the snake mountain. Nag Tibba is named after Hindu lord Shiva and is located in Uttarakhand state.

Nag Tibba trek will surprise you with its sacred mountains, hilltops, lush green valleys, snow covered pathways, and a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is a perfect break from boring work life. Nag Tibba is a circular trek which treats you to a brand fresh trails while descending from the summit.

Nag tibba is situated at an altitude of 9915 feet and is the highest peak in the lower Himalayan ranges of the Uttarakhand region. Pioneering protector of Nag Tibba are Garhwal Himalayas, and Nag Tibbha is the highest peak in the range. Comparatively Nag Tibba is a less explored trekking route in Uttarakhand but is filled with serene beauty. Nag tibba is an ideal trek for the first time trekkers and as well as for mountain-lovers. It prepares you well before jumping into adventurous expeditions. The best thing of this trek is that there is no overlap of terrain on this trek. In a nutshell, Nag Tibba is the best getaway destination with friends. It is a unique and wonderful place to enjoy the scenic views of The Gangotri peaks, Kedarnath peak, Bandarpoonch peak and the doon valley.

Things you should know if you’re to do this trek-

Region- Uttarakhand

 Altitude- 9910 feet

Distance- 15 km

Grade- Easy to Moderate

Time- Best time to visit- November to February, June to September

Temperature- 6 to 14 degrees ( from September to January), 14 to 22 degrees (in summer and monsoon season)

Starting point- Patwari village (Nag Tibba trek has different finishing point from the starting point)

Railway station- Nearest railway station is Dehradun

Airport- Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun

How to get there-

Patwari village is the mountain village from where the Nag Tibba trek begins. You can reach to Patwari from Dehradun.

To reach Dehradun, can take a train, bus or flight from Delhi or Mumbai or Lucknow or Chennai. Patwari is at 99 km away from Dehradun. To reach Patwari from Dehradun, you can hire a taxi or get on a local bus, which will take around 3 hours.

Major attractions while doing this trek-

  1. Kempty Falls
  2. Kanatal
  3. Patwari village
  4. Nainbagh
  5. Mussoorie
  6. Lal tibba
  7. Dhanaulti

Why you should do this trek-

  1. Postcard-type views
  2. Easy to moderate trek
  3. Quiet place, good break from your city’s hustle bustle
  4. Best place for nature’s photography

What to pack for the trek-

  1. Warm winter clothes, a raincoat
  2. Munching items like chips and chikki
  3. Flashlight with extra batteries
  4. Powerbank
  5. Sleeping bag, tent, mattress (you can borrow camping items from Dehradun)
  6. Water bottles
  7. Hat and sunscreen lotion
  8. Cash (Nearest ATM is at Dehradun)
  9. First aid kit
  10. Hiking shoes (Water resistant, light weight)
  11. Camera (to capture the beauty of the Himalayas)


  1. Don’t litter here and there
  2. Respect the local traditions and cultures
  3. Don’t throw waste here and there. Keep the trash in your bag and tack it back with you
  4. Don’t harm animals and plants
  5.  Give a call to your family whenever you get signal
  6. If you’re doing a group trek,follow your leader’s instruction and don’t go far away from your team members or inform somebody in the group
  7. Drink no alcohol. It dehydrates you
  8. Avoid smoking. It can add an unwelcome stress and ruin your journey
  9. Don’t mess with other travelers. It can spoil your whole journey. You wouldn’t want to go back home with some ugly memories, would you?
  10. Don’t play music too loud on the way up there and on reaching the top. Many people do this trek to find peace. Use your headphones, instead of showing others your party-animal side


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