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Finding the Right Laptop for Pro Tools

Pro Tools is quite demanding. This is the case if you are a fanatic of it. A lot of people believe that you ought to build a dedicated PC to run Pro Tools. However, this is not the case unless you are in a studio where you have powerful hardware that can offer you the extra space needed to play with the CPU-intensive plugins. Fortunately, you can find laptops that can offer similar performance. As you know, this will come at a huge cost. The following are some of the things to look for a laptop for Pro Tools.


a laptop and deskA processor is quite important for these types of tasks. When it comes to Pro Tools, the single core performance is more useful as compared to a number of threads or cores. According to, you should go with i7-5500U or i7-6500U CPUs. This will do the work quite well. However, this has its limitations. If you have extra money, you can purchase a better CPU.


If you are on a tight budget, you should get a RAM of at least 16 GB. It does not matter whether it is DDR4 or DDR3. However, DDR4 memory is known to have more latency that reduces its working frequency. You need to ask yourself whether you require more than 16 GB. Honestly, it is not necessary.


You require SSD storage. Ideally, you need reserve storage of 300 GB for Pro Tools, VST, and OS.  In this case, you should do calculations concerning the storage. Usually, SSD under 500 GB will require the assistance of an extra hard drive disk.

Audio Ports

laptop for pro toolsRemember that you need connections for the basic peripherals, external displays, and audio interfaces. The basic peripherals depend on the sheer number of the USB ports. A decent laptop should have USB 3.0 ports that can save you a lot of time when you work with the USB sticks and external drives. Ensure you purchase a laptop with Thunderbolt. There are four types of display connectors – HDMI, VGA, HDMI, and VGA. Most laptops do not have VGA and DVI because of their size and limitations.

Battery Life

It is advisable to plug your laptop into a power source when using power tools. This is because it will drain your battery quickly. You need a laptop with an excellent battery that you can use even when you are in a studio.…

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Benefits of Unlocked Phones

All cellphones usually start their life in the same manner: Unlocked. Phones of similar models come with identical looks and spec and can take a wide array of carriers. As long as the QA services are working properly, the phones will be indistinguishable from each other. Some phones are designated for selling through a given service provider down the line. Such phones will lose the ability to get locked to one service. If a phone, however, did not have to trade its freedom to a single service provider to be sold, then the phone can work with more carriers on its broadcast spectrum. It can still be identical to its counterparts except that it will be available anywhere. The following are the benefits for having an unlocked phone.

Any Carrier, Wherever

phone and sim cardUnlocked phones can talk to any service provider within their spectrum, and you can update the service whenever you want. So, if you start seeing somebody in a different time zone, you need to figure out the provider that works best in that area. Because the phone is unlocked, you need to sign up with that service provider then swap SIM cards then make the coverage map multiple choice.

More Possibilities

Unlocked phones usually are identical to the ones you get via a service provider but have additional freedom. This freedom makes the difference since it implies that customers get the same specs, styles, and features but with the freedom to decide where and how to use the hardware.

Coverage of your Choice

Once you get your desired phone, you can check the coverage maps of your location by going online. For any questions, you can check the nearest unlocked phones in the local superstore. You can go for the coverage which works best for you at work, school or home without having to worry about its impact on the hardware.

Works Globally

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The services of these unlocked phones work internationally. This is important because travel is on the rise today and this means international roaming data charges. With unlocked phones, there is a way out. You can sign up for a SIM card and service to save money by paying the local rates rather than the international roaming charges.

Saves Money

Locked contracts usually tend to cost more than the unlocked ones. This is because buying unlocked phones implies that you can choose the services and service levels which work for you instead of sticking to a bundle deal. So, with unlocked phones, you will save more down the road although they may cost more up front.

Phone unlocking services are available globally and work anywhere, so you need to get an unlocked phone to reap these benefits. You can get these benefits with unlocked phones Canada.…


Wireless Speakers Buying Guide for Beginners

wireless speaker buying guideAlmost everyone in the entire world is fond of listening as well as enjoying music. The primary reason is that music is soothing and give memorable experiences. It’s true that music relaxes your mind and body and gets you excited. Nonetheless, if you want to make sure that you get the experience as mentioned earlier, the wireless speakers you wish to purchase have to be of high quality. And that is not all. This wireless speakers buying a guide for beginners will help you make a sound decision.

Try out speakers

Before you part with your cash to buy wireless speakers its important that you test them in environments similar to those that you will be using them. Testing the speakers in a huge showroom or enclosed environment sometimes makes them sound worse. If the wireless speakers are small, then test them in a small environment. Also, place the speakers closer to a wall to improve the bass performance.

Look out for fakes

Be on the lookout for fakes of common products. You will come across loads of fakes for speakers made by popular manufacturers. The bad news is that the fakes look so real that you cant distinguish them from the authentic wireless speakers. In most cases, the fakes even perform better when it comes to sound quality but may have durability problems in the long run.

Sound quality

Perhaps, this is the key reason why people purchase wireless speakers. They are the latest advancement in music technology, and with them, you are guaranteed of receiving crystal clear sound. Try as much as possible to stay away from speakers with low sound quality.

Power saving

If you pick any wireless speakers, you will be shocked by the way it works and the time which it operates without requiring to be charged. Some operate for longer durations compared to others because they come with power saving features that enable them to work with only a fraction of the power used by normal wireless speakers. The technology used to manufacture them makes them capable of producing high-quality output using the least power possible.

Easy installation

Wireless devices do not require any installation. Even if you wish to set it up somewhere, the process is quite straightforward. All that you need to do is to place the speakers as per your comfort and convenience. Next, uses your Bluetooth phone to start playing your favorite tracks within no time.


After identifying the type of wireless speakers that you need, you have to check their prices from different vendors. Choose speakers that are reasonably priced so that you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket to get the best. The most expensive speakers don’t give the best sound quality.

Selecting the best wireless speakers can be a challenging task if it’s your first timed or you don’t have an expert hand to guide you through the process. Nonetheless, if you stick to this wireless speaker buying guide for beginners, the process of making your selection will be a walk in the park.…