Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset Review


The minute I start searching for a headset, I for the most part sidestep anything short of $100, in light of the fact that the run of the mill pricepoint that likens a significant level of execution with an exceptional in-game experience is in any event $100. In any event. That doesn’t appear to be the situation any longer. Corsair has done some incredible work in speaking to a gamer with not really profound pockets that still longs for a top notch sound understanding. At $49.99 dispatched in there various hues, the HS50 STEREO makes certain to wind up under numerous Christmas trees with the beneficiaries being excited at the experience they’ll have and the supplier being amped up for the cost.

Design and Comfort

The Corsair HS50 STEREO is an exceedingly best pc gaming headset. A most significant aspect concerning a gaming drinking spree is having a headset that doesn’t hurt following two or three hours of wear. The adjustable foam on the headband truly held up well to a 5+ hour gorge gaming session without any indications at getting awkward or causing torment. This is an enormous arrangement, in light of the fact that the exact opposite thing I need to do is need to stop ongoing interaction because of my headset demolishing the experience.

The HS50 STEREO headset is amazingly light for having such a tough aluminum combination structure. The flexible foam pad on the headband shields from a ton of weight and truly works superbly of spreading the weight equitably and making it simple to continue playing for extensive stretches of time.

The delicate, flexible foam secured ear cups completely and serenely spread around the ear with a delicate, calfskin feel; the weight was the correct parity of snugness and solace, guaranteeing that you get a really agreeable, dependable, comfortable gaming binge without feeling like your head is in a bad habit. I am a lady, so headsets that are enormous and burdensome truly don’t enable me to play for whatever length of time that I like. I’m glad to report that the HS50 STEREO really held up to long haul play.

Sound Quality

There is a Sony PS4 constraint that truly upset the sound quality when I previously checked out this headset. So as to stay away from the issues I was having, go into your Audio Device Settings and change the sound yield from Chat Audio (the default setting) to All Audio. All Audio will quiet the TV and will pipe the game sound and the visit sound through the headset, enabling you to exploit the specially tuned 50mm neodymium drivers and really appreciate the sound understanding. Everything I can say is WOW. Regardless it boggles my mind that the HS50 STEREO is just $49.99. An immense in addition to the sound quality is that – in case you’re similar to me and you like the sound knocking – you can wrench it up and get a larger part of the encompassing sound counterbalanced. It totally changes the gaming experience from a couple of individuals talking in your ear to being completely submerged into whatever activity is on-screen.

The Corsair HS50 STEREO certainly conveys in execution. Try not to let the restriction of the gaming equipment deflect you: roll out the improvement in settings and appreciate.


Overwhelming breathers cheer! Much obliged do the adaptable removable mouthpiece include, I had the option to put the amplifier in the correct detect that fit for me so that those on the opposite finish of the visit didn’t feel like they were conversing with some creeper breathing hard into the mic. I had the option to effortlessly put the mic any place I needed it and it remained until or except if I balanced it. It was exceptionally simple to move and the solidness of that position implied that I wasn’t continually tinkering with it: it was set it and overlook it. The receiver on the Corsair HS50 is Discord Certificated, so this headset model has the Discord ‘great to go’ endorsement subsequent to being tried by their staff.

The controls being outwardly of the earpiece was an invite expansion. Having the option to reach up and push a catch to quiet/unmute or turn a dial to volume here and there made it simple to work without squirming with the string, attempting to locate the quiet catch.

Other Hardware

I tried this headset on the PS4, yet since I frequently tune in to music, mess around, and watch films on my iPad Pro, I chose to plug the Corsair HS50 STEREO into the iPad and give it a go. I was not frustrated. There was no debasement in quality going from a support to a tablet. I had the option to get a pleasant scope of sound while either viewing Netflix or playing a game I visit on my iPad.

I wasn’t playing with any other person while on my iPad, so there was no requirement for the receiver. The magnificence here is flexibility: the mouthpiece is completely separable, which implies I can not just utilize the HS50 STEREO to upgrade social gaming through the PSN, yet I can likewise be the Lone Gamer and evacuate the mic and utilize the headset carefully for the sound understanding.

At the end of the day, this isn’t exclusively a support headset, which gives the buyer significantly more value for their money. The Corsair HS50 is perfect with PC, XBox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch among others. Corsair includes the y-connector link (female 4-shaft 3.5mm to double male 3-post for PC use).

Final Thoughts

I certainly prescribe the Corsair HS50 STEREO headset for both the easygoing and bad-to-the-bone gamer searching for a strong gaming headset for under $50. At the $49.99 value point, there truly is no better headset to get this Christmas season and you can rest simple realizing that is sponsored by a 2-year guarantee. Not exclusively will you stretch your blessing dollars much more distant, however the gaming experience is profoundly improved the extraordinary quality sound put out by this headset.

The Corsair HS50 can be discovered right now at Amazon for $49.99 transported in Carbon (part number CA-9011170-NA), Blue (part number CA-9011172-NA) or Green (part number CA-9011171-NA). The Corsair HS50 model that we utilized in this audit was the blue model as should be obvious the unpretentious blue right around the outside of every ear cup.


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