Top Five Tips to Buy Paintings Online


Top Five Tips to Buy Paintings Online

To buy paintings online may be a tricky task but it is not impossible. You just need to have insight into the art world to get a hold of it. As a buyer, you need to understand how the art market operates and works. It is also notable that more than 50% of the art flowing in the market for sale is fake. So, art collectors need to be cautious and informed.

Sometimes, people buy art that doesn’t fit their place according to the theme or size. Therefore, there are many aspects that you need to observe before you buy paintings online.

  1. Streamline your thoughts

There are two purposes for which art is purchased. It is acquired either to beautify a space or as an investment. This should be ascertained first. Clear your mind and ask yourself a question. For what purpose do I want to purchase art? The answer you will have would significantly affect the type of art you will focus on, its price, taste, size of the art, and the website from which you want to buy art online.

  • Artwork must not be too small or too imposing

Collectors have a variety of space where they want to put the art. But, if you are an art aficionado, then you must ascertain that the dimensions of the artwork and the space you have available. You may use a measuring tape to measure the dimension just to be sure and avoid any inconvenience later.

Also, many websites that deal with buying and selling artworks provide artworks for displaying it on trial at your place to see whether it fits. There is an easy way to do that though. You may cut cardboard the size of the actual artwork and put it at the desired place to observe whether it is too imposing or too tiny to occupy the space in an apt manner.

  • Price of artwork

The most important thing about any sale is the financial part. Artwork could be very expensive if it belongs to some established and famous artists. Many things must be understood in this light. If artwork is old and you plan to keep it in the family for a long time, then ascertain the total life of the artwork. It may be already so used up and dilapidated that after some time it may start fading. This will result in you investing your money into something that was not worth it in the first place.

If you have a price range then it would help you to narrow down the choices you have. If you are buying art for the first time, you must not purchase an artwork that costs you a lot. Give your taste time to develop and get a little mature to spend a fortune on something that you would like for a long time.

  • Research and beware of the fake

Many forms of art are made in different mediums and that gives an entire effect in a given space. Research about each and everything and ascertain the type of art that would be best suited for you. Generally, people go for paintings but you may explore myriad genres like prints, photographs, sculptures, installations, etc. 

As most of the artwork flowing in the market is fake, you need to be extra cautious while buying an artwork that belongs to an established artist. Many young artists try to copy the style of the magnificent painters and sell them for quick money. The best way to ascertain this is by tracing the chain of custody and documents proving the provenance of the painting.

  • The trustworthiness of the art gallery is also a matter of concern

The possibility of getting duped in the art world is 50%. Keeping this in mind, the buyer would find it harder to trust sellers whom he had not met in person. It becomes imperative for buyers now to run a background check on the website. Check whether there is any suit that is filed against them for anything whether it be for art fraud or financial fraud.

Try to find information on the founders and people behind the establishment of the gallery. Inquire about their general reputation in the market. Many features could give you an insinuation about the legitimacy of the website. Check if there is a sign of a lock at the end of the URL. If they prefer only cash as a mode of payment, this must not be avoided at any cost. Also, the payment gateway to be used must be of repute.

Warp up:

You must also make sure that the actual picture displayed and the artwork matches. So, follow these steps and you are good to go to purchase the artwork on your own. Still, when in doubt, you must contact some experts without blinking an eye. After all, it is your hard-earned money.


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