A Guide to Selecting the Best Earbuds

Many smartphone devices come with earphones and earbuds. It might reach a point when you are tired of the earbuds and looking for a change. But many people change from the original earbuds to worse. It is a mistake made by many people. There is more to look at when buying the perfect earbuds, not just the style and shape.

Earbuds get into your ears. If they are not used the right way, they might cause complications to your ears. You cannot use the volume used on headphones with your earbuds; you will be damaging your ears. There is always a warning notice when you are adjusting the volume of your device. Kindly adhere to it. For short listening periods, use about half of the total volume and reduce it to a third of the volume if the listening is prolonged.
In this article, we are going to give you tips which will help you in selecting the best pair of earbuds. Read on.


Flat shape earbudsThere are majorly two types of earbud shapes, the flat shape, and the in-ear canal shape. If you want a design that will occupy you completely, go for the in-ear shape. It provides better noise isolation meaning you will not be distracted by external noise. The flat shaped can allow sound from the outside hence select that which works best for you.

Look at the earbud tips as well. For the best services, ensure that the seal is firm. A loose one will not give you the best quality of music while a tight one might hurt your ears. Avoid both extremes.

Earbud specs

Is someone wondering specs? Yes, earbuds have specs too. Among the most important features to look at include, the impendence, the frequency range, and the drivers. The drivers make the core of the earbud. The more drivers it has, the better your sound will be. Go through the manufacturer’s description and see if it matches what you want. For more details on earbud specs click here.

Earbud code

A quality earbud should have a quality rubber. A simple thing like a flimsy code might ruin the effects of a good quality earbud. Do not ignore this feature.


Grey earbudsStyle should be the last consideration. Well, it all depends on your taste. We cannot give a specific style because people love different colors and designs. Have it in mind that the above steps are the most important. What is the need for an excellent looking pair of earbuds but the poorest in the quality?