TheOneSpy Mobile Phone Spy Application Review


As technology is expanding and innovating, people’s worries have also increased. Well, no one can deny the importance of mobile phones. Men can connect from one corner of the world to the other and get information from around the world at home. It’s the fastest way of communication, but where it has made it so easy it also has many disadvantages. Having access to all kinds of information has a huge impact on children. They see the wrong things and then they get used to it, which affects their physical and mental health. Apart from this, it also has a huge impact on performing the employees, they get to see other things during work.

So, technology has solved this problem with spy apps. This advanced technology enables the user to remotely and secretly monitor a targeted person mobile device. TheOneSpy is the leading android mobile phone spy app because of its popularity among most people.

TheOneSpy Mobile Spy App

TheOneSpy is a high-quality application, gives physical hidden access over the targeted phone. Users can track all offline and online activities of the targeted person. It gives real-time monitoring results with 100% accuracy and reliability. Users can monitor all verbal and non-verbal communication. Besides monitoring phone activities, it also empowers the user to listen and view the surrounding area of the device, so they could see if their loved ones get in trouble, so they could protect them timely.

What features does TheOneSpy offers for mobile phone spy?

TheOneSpy offers 250 plus outstanding features for smartphones. Its parental control package gives parent-friendly features, so they could easily detect their kid’s activities, surrounding, gathering, and even their kids secret. It also has special packages and plans for businesses, so an employer can check their employee’s performance in projects or tasks and check an employee’s inappropriate activities, so the organization could take serious action timely. Beside that individual can also use it to protect themselves from hackers or a thief.

Let us look at TOS advanced features for mobile spying.

  • Call logs to listen received and dialed calls live or if a user is busy, it can record the call by sending a single command.
  • SMS trackers enable the user to view all send and receive messages or can watch live chatting.
  • The social media tracker enables the user to track all social account activities of the targeted device.
  • Live 360 camera streaming shows live surrounding of the targeted device user, so a user can watch to whom their person is meeting or what are they doing.
  • Live 360 surrounding recorders allows the user to record the surrounding of the targeted device so a user can listen to whom their person is talking, or which type of conversation or gossips are going.
  • GPS location trackers allow the user to watch the GPS location of a targeted person. User can see live location or put recorder; the user can watch it later.
  • Geo-Fencing empowers the user to put an alarm on restricted areas, so a user can get an instant alert if a targeted person will go there.

Blocking capability

It empowers the user to block inappropriate or harmful contact numbers, sites or channels remotely to protect their loved ones.

Price Range

TOS offers timely discounts, especially events. These days, TheOneSpy is offering a 90% discount on all packages and plans because it’s Christmas month.

Let us look at the TOS price range these days after a discount.

TOS monthly package price;

  • XLite Edition is now cost of $8 from $35.
  • Premium Edition is now cost of $20 from $65.

TOS quarterly package price;

  • XLite Edition is now cost of $30 from $120.
  • Premium Edition is now cost of $45 from $175.

TOS Yearly packages price;

  • XLite Edition is now cost of $50 from $220.
  • Premium Edition is now cost of $75 from $300.


TheOneSpy gives 14 days money-back guarantee so the user need not worry. If the app is not fulfilling their desire, they can return it within 14 days of buying.


TheOneSpy mobile phone spy app is compatible with all Android phone versions and other operating systems as well.


We concluded that TheOneSpy is only mobile phone spy app which is successfully working with its broad features. Many people are vastly adopting this technology. Over time, it will bring innovative functions to facilitate people more conveniently.

Author Bio Cathy is a school teacher and digital parental geek, She’s also content writer and editor at spysmarts. She reads and writes excessively on subjects such as computer and mobile tips, software reviews, protecting oneself from the dangers of the online world especially targeting child protection and the guidelines for using different cellular applications.


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