Simple Business Solutions

Whether you want the best small business POS system or you are looking to compare wide format printers, Burlison Tech can help.

Save Time and Money on Small Business Solutions makes it easy to compare rates on lift truck rentals from a few of the top local forklift dealers in your area easier than it's ever been before.

POS Systems

Easy to use and affordable point of sale systems for any type of business.
  • Retail Shops
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Mobile phone, iPad, web based and fixed cash registers
POS Systems Buyer's Guide

Wide Format Printers

High quality printing solutions for a variety of applications.
  • Vinyl Signs
  • Posters
  • Marketing Materials
Wide Format Printer Buyer's Guide

Burlison Tech

We know it can be tough to keep up with rapid changes in technology that can affect your business, so Burlison Tech does everything we can to make tech easy so you can focus on growing your business. Our goal is to have your company humming along with reliable technology that runs smoothly in the background so you don't even have to think about it. Over time, Burlison Tech clients come to see technology spending not as a cost, but as a long term investment that when properly utilized will save their businesses massive amounts of money over the long haul. Putting technology to work today for your small business will help you:

  • Keep headcount low by reducing redundant employee tasks including onboarding, billing administration, payroll management and more.
  • Minimize inventory with tech that gives you instant visibility when big orders come through and can even help you anticipate when you need to stock up.
  • Instant access to the most important metrics of your business. As they say, what is measured gets improved. Small business owners who have all important metrics at their fingertips make better decisions and are less likely to miss dangerous trends or opportunities that might otherwise pass right by them.

We Make Tech Easy

Small businesses face dozens of decisions when it comes to hardware and software to run their operations. To make things even more difficult for the not-so tech savvy entrepreneur, the tech needed to run a businesses is constantly changing. The experts at Burlison Tech are here to help educate on the variety of systems and services out there that may seem complicated, but should ultimately enhance productivity and make your life easier. Imagine your operations humming along perfectly, where every system from billing, employee management, inventory and accounting is all working in harmony to give you visibility into how your company is functioning. This is the ultimate goal, because ironically technology should allow you to stop thinking about technology and focus on your actual business, delivery standout products and services or exceeding your client's expectations. See how our technology experts can help you in every corner of your business.

How Does Burlison Tech Help My Business?

Burlison Tech is focused on helping small and medium sized business owners in a variety of way. First, we aim to educate by providing simplified explanations of technology products and services and how they fit into your operations. Second, we provide unbiased information on which systems will work best for you. Sometimes that might be simply getting the best price, but more often it is about how well new hardware or software will fit in with what you currently use for other tasks and what your employees can reasonably be expected to integrate into their daily duties. Our research team spends thousands of hours with products we recommend. Only with that hands on experience do they then have the confidence to put it to work at your business under real world conditions.