Our Mission

Help Businesses With Technology

We streamline operations for small and large businesses
2014 Founded in New York City
100,000+ Customers
8 + Growing Team Members

Welcome To Burlison Tech

Welcome to Burlison Tech where we help businesses navigate the crazy world of tech to help them stay ahead of the curve. We are a dedicated team of technology enthusiasts with over 100 years of combined experience in sales and operations that we put to use for each of our customers. We were founded over 20 years ago just as the Internet was taking hold in the workspace. Our passion is the same now as it was then, helping people streamline their business and grow.

Our Founder

Jim Burlison founded our company in 1998 and for the first 5 years he ran the company alone as a technology consultant to growing businesses. As word spread that Jim's work was very valuable to his clients, the company grew mostly through word of mouth. By 2010 Jim decided to expand Burlison Tech to offer help to thousands of small businesses nationwide who were having trouble with the complexities of the modern and rapidly changing workplace.


As Burlison Tech has grown, Jim has made sure that our charitable giving has grown as well. We support Habitat for Humanity and other smaller charities that connect with local communities. To contact us about donations or charitable giving please contact wehelp(@)


Make your voice count. We love hearing from customers, so please give us a call, fill out the form or contact your rep directly and let us know how we did or how we might be able to improve. Partnership requests can be sent to partners(@)