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The Best Wide Format Printers in St. Johnsbury For Professionals

Whether you are a photographer, architect or media professional, you need the best wide format printer in St. Johnsbury when it comes time to show your work to the world. A high quality large format printer in St. Johnsbury can make your work spring to life whether it is on a poster or a vinyl sign. Let the pros at Burlison Tech help you navigate the myriad of options that both professionals and hobbyists face when it comes to ink quality and types, color spectrum capabilities, printer speed, scanning or downloading capabilities and more.

High quality wide format color printers in St. Johnsbury need to perform better than a basic office copier. When you are printing posters or marketing materials the color needs to render perfectly. When you need to review intricate detail of a building floorpan, you need a large format printer with extreme precision. Uploading large files to a wide format printer in St. Johnsbury can present a challenge so professionals need a super fast connection and a printer that can handle the speed. Burlison Tech has done the legwork for you and with just a few quick questions about your needs, our reps can get you the exact wide format laser printer in St. Johnsbury you need. We save you time, money and keep the buyers remorse away.

wide format printers in St. Johnsbury, VT

Burlison Tech Works With The Top Brands

One of the first questions customers ask our technicians is which brand makes the best wide format laser printer in St. Johnsbury. For most customers Burlison Tech recommends working with a handful of the top brands even though they may not be the cheapest. Reliability in a wide format printer is in our eyes the most critical factor when purchasing because our client base is made up of professionals that can’t afford to wait for a machine to get fixed. We have found that because of the combination of warranties and great track record of reliability, the following brands are ideal:

  • Epson wide format printer

    Epson Wide Format Printers in St. Johnsbury

    For decades, Epson large format printers in St. Johnsbury have been the name to beat. Their SureColor series incorporates fantastic proprietary technology including EkoTank, SureColor, UltraChrome, and PrecisionCore that can satisfy the most demanding customer.

  • HP wide format printer

    HP Wide Format Printers in St. Johnsbury

    For crisp text and vivid colors, HP large format printers in St. Johnsbury are a great option. They push the limits of inkjet technology and buying an HP wide format laser printer will also get you cutting edge tech for great prints.

  • Canon wide format printer

    Canon Wide Format Printer in St. Johnsbury

    A great brand with some powerful technology built into their printers including VariaDot, Optimum Image Generating (OIG) System and the Clear Connect software enable powerful wide format capabilities.

  • Brother wide format printer

    Brother Wide Format Printer in St. Johnsbury

    Brother constantly pushes the technology envelope for ledger printers in St. Johnsbury. With their proprietary INKvestment Ink tank system and the most reliable document feeders and trays on the market Brother is a top choice for businesses.

Highest Quality Wide Plotter Printers in St. Johnsbury

For many professionals, a the additional precision and accuracy of a large format A1 plotter printer in St. Johnsbury provides great prints from the comfort of their office or studio. Architects and engineers rely on the best wide format plotter printers in St. Johnsbury to get their job done every day. Hobbyists and even professional photographers alike find wide photo printing easy with a plotter. And of course, A1 plotter printers are a mainstay for media agencies for everything from printing bus ads to trade show displays. To select a plotter you need to answer the following questions:

  • How many weekly prints do I need?
  • Will I only print on paper or do I need to print on Latex or other material?
  • Do distant employees or offices need to access the plotter printer?
  • What is the ratio of black and white vs. color prints?

You can buy St. Johnsbury plotter printers for plotting a wide range of print sizes. Your typical plotter prints start at 10 inches and going up to 42 inches in width or more. Professional A1 printers can print up to 100 inches wide for nearly any size media, posters, marketing materials, vehicle wraps and more. Burlison tech recommends working with the top brands for extra reliability and the best warranties:

HP Plotter Printers in St. Johnsbury - When you buy an HP plotter printer you get the high quality, reliability and deep set of features that has made the brand so popular.

Epson Plotter Printers in St. Johnsbury - Epson is best known for premium plotter printers in St. Johnsbury that photo professionals lean on for perfect color accuracy and reproduction.

Canon Plotter Printers in St. Johnsbury - On the less expensive side, Canon plotter printers will provide decent quality for hobbyists and some professionals.

Get started now, just answer a few questions and our experts will make sure you can print wide, crisp, beautiful images in no time.

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