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Three Tech Tips for Your Phone’s Security

Smartphones enable us to gain access to the Internet like a desktop PC. Having one feels like handling a portable computer with excellent mobility and practicality. But sometimes, easy access can also make our data vulnerable to phone scams, email frauds, identity theft, and other forms of cybercrime.

Here are three tech tips that you can do to ensure your phone’s safety.

Call Blocker and Tracker

encryption symbolThese days, anonymous stalkers take advantage of people’s personal data by stealing them from either social media accounts or through phishing. And you should not ignore this warning because professional scammers are very ingenious in deceiving their victims.

Ignoring an encounter is also not a wise decision because the scammers will pull the same trick to others who are less susceptible than you are. One best solution in that situation is to trace back the scammer. For example, findthedialer is an online call tracker service that offers both free and paid packages. When you receive a suspicious call, you can do a reverse phone lookup on the site, and you will receive a list of identities associated with the phone number.

If you do not want to go through the hassle, you can block the call right away. Many smartphones today are equipped with the blocker feature, but it may only register a particular number. There are more advanced apps that enable you to reject anonymous calls and text messages based on their regional codes automatically. Here are the top four apps: Should I Answer?, True Caller, Call Blacklist, and Call Blocker.

Utilizing the Authenticator Service

privacy protectionIf you use your phone to do online transactions or access sensitive data, you are better to use a two-step authenticator service. Google and Microsoft offer authenticator apps for their accounts. Whenever you want to access your account, you will have to fill in a code generated by the authenticator app.

Moreover, if you tick the authenticator setting on your account, you will be notified every time there is a log-in attempt. This feature will eliminate any forms of unauthorized access to your personal data.

However, the only flaw in using this security system is that you must always have access to your phone. You can install a smartphone emulator on your laptop for a backup plan, yet using it will be a lengthy process.

Setting Up the Remote Control

Some phones enable users to manage their data remotely. For example, if you are an iPhone user and you have synced your account with the iCloud service, you can wipe out your phone’s content in case you lose the phone. If you use an android phone, you need to use a cloud storage service first if you want to get the feature. Here are the recommended options for you: One Drive, DropBox, Tresorit, Google Drive, and SugarSync.…

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Important Things to Consider When Buying a Drone

A time comes when you realize that the love you have for drones is pushing you to get one of your own. Or maybe, you have realized that your friend or child will be happy if you gift them one on their birthday. Drones are amazing, but you must understand that buying a drone is not as simple as many people think. Irrespective of how much it costs, note that it is an investment and you should get the best value for your money.

There are numerous factors to look at because not all drones are good drones. For that reason, we are going to discuss important factors which will guide you in making the best choice. Read on.


The quality of the material used to make a drone determines its durability and cost. Low-cost drones are not durable. Think of what happens if your drone crashes. It should be able to withstand the pressure and come out strong. If you think that the material will not stand crashes, it is high time to invest more. Research for companies offering top under $200 drones.

Battery Life

Aerial photographyBattery life is another factor to look at carefully. Average drones fly for about 5 to 7 minutes while high-cost drones can fly for up to 30 minutes. Think of buying a drone which flies for five minutes and having to recharge for two hours to operate for another five minutes. It does not make sense right?

If you can only afford the average drone, make sure that you extra batteries so that you can enjoy the game. The battery consumption depends on the features of the drone. For example, a drone with a camera consumes more power. If you are required to pay more for drones with better battery life, then go for it.

Replacement Parts

After some time of use, your drone will crash and might require repair here and there. Propellers and land gears are among the parts which require replacement from time to time. Before buying the drone, ensure that there are spare parts and be sure of where to buy them when the need arises. Many drone sellers have these parts on their shops, and they will offer to fix the drone for you.

Types of Drones

Landed droneI want you to understand that drones are not the same and they perform different functions. Some are used for video recording and others for photographing. The features and utilities are diverse. When buying a drone, you must be sure of why you need it and choose that which serves you right.…


A Guide to Selecting the Best Earbuds

Many smartphone devices come with earphones and earbuds. It might reach a point when you are tired of the earbuds and looking for a change. But many people change from the original earbuds to worse. It is a mistake made by many people. There is more to look at when buying the perfect earbuds, not just the style and shape.

Earbuds get into your ears. If they are not used the right way, they might cause complications to your ears. You cannot use the volume used on headphones with your earbuds; you will be damaging your ears. There is always a warning notice when you are adjusting the volume of your device. Kindly adhere to it. For short listening periods, use about half of the total volume and reduce it to a third of the volume if the listening is prolonged.
In this article, we are going to give you tips which will help you in selecting the best pair of earbuds. Read on.


Flat shape earbudsThere are majorly two types of earbud shapes, the flat shape, and the in-ear canal shape. If you want a design that will occupy you completely, go for the in-ear shape. It provides better noise isolation meaning you will not be distracted by external noise. The flat shaped can allow sound from the outside hence select that which works best for you.

Look at the earbud tips as well. For the best services, ensure that the seal is firm. A loose one will not give you the best quality of music while a tight one might hurt your ears. Avoid both extremes.

Earbud specs

Is someone wondering specs? Yes, earbuds have specs too. Among the most important features to look at include, the impendence, the frequency range, and the drivers. The drivers make the core of the earbud. The more drivers it has, the better your sound will be. Go through the manufacturer’s description and see if it matches what you want. For more details on earbud specs click here.

Earbud code

A quality earbud should have a quality rubber. A simple thing like a flimsy code might ruin the effects of a good quality earbud. Do not ignore this feature.


Grey earbudsStyle should be the last consideration. Well, it all depends on your taste. We cannot give a specific style because people love different colors and designs. Have it in mind that the above steps are the most important. What is the need for an excellent looking pair of earbuds but the poorest in the quality?…

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Finding the Right Laptop for Pro Tools

Pro Tools is quite demanding. This is the case if you are a fanatic of it. A lot of people believe that you ought to build a dedicated PC to run Pro Tools. However, this is not the case unless you are in a studio where you have powerful hardware that can offer you the extra space needed to play with the CPU-intensive plugins. Fortunately, you can find laptops that can offer similar performance. As you know, this will come at a huge cost. The following are some of the things to look for a laptop for Pro Tools.


a laptop and deskA processor is quite important for these types of tasks. When it comes to Pro Tools, the single core performance is more useful as compared to a number of threads or cores. According to, you should go with i7-5500U or i7-6500U CPUs. This will do the work quite well. However, this has its limitations. If you have extra money, you can purchase a better CPU.


If you are on a tight budget, you should get a RAM of at least 16 GB. It does not matter whether it is DDR4 or DDR3. However, DDR4 memory is known to have more latency that reduces its working frequency. You need to ask yourself whether you require more than 16 GB. Honestly, it is not necessary.


You require SSD storage. Ideally, you need reserve storage of 300 GB for Pro Tools, VST, and OS.  In this case, you should do calculations concerning the storage. Usually, SSD under 500 GB will require the assistance of an extra hard drive disk.

Audio Ports

laptop for pro toolsRemember that you need connections for the basic peripherals, external displays, and audio interfaces. The basic peripherals depend on the sheer number of the USB ports. A decent laptop should have USB 3.0 ports that can save you a lot of time when you work with the USB sticks and external drives. Ensure you purchase a laptop with Thunderbolt. There are four types of display connectors – HDMI, VGA, HDMI, and VGA. Most laptops do not have VGA and DVI because of their size and limitations.

Battery Life

It is advisable to plug your laptop into a power source when using power tools. This is because it will drain your battery quickly. You need a laptop with an excellent battery that you can use even when you are in a studio.…

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Benefits of Unlocked Phones

All cellphones usually start their life in the same manner: Unlocked. Phones of similar models come with identical looks and spec and can take a wide array of carriers. As long as the QA services are working properly, the phones will be indistinguishable from each other. Some phones are designated for selling through a given service provider down the line. Such phones will lose the ability to get locked to one service. If a phone, however, did not have to trade its freedom to a single service provider to be sold, then the phone can work with more carriers on its broadcast spectrum. It can still be identical to its counterparts except that it will be available anywhere. The following are the benefits for having an unlocked phone.

Any Carrier, Wherever

phone and sim cardUnlocked phones can talk to any service provider within their spectrum, and you can update the service whenever you want. So, if you start seeing somebody in a different time zone, you need to figure out the provider that works best in that area. Because the phone is unlocked, you need to sign up with that service provider then swap SIM cards then make the coverage map multiple choice.

More Possibilities

Unlocked phones usually are identical to the ones you get via a service provider but have additional freedom. This freedom makes the difference since it implies that customers get the same specs, styles, and features but with the freedom to decide where and how to use the hardware.

Coverage of your Choice

Once you get your desired phone, you can check the coverage maps of your location by going online. For any questions, you can check the nearest unlocked phones in the local superstore. You can go for the coverage which works best for you at work, school or home without having to worry about its impact on the hardware.

Works Globally

lady in a plane on phone

The services of these unlocked phones work internationally. This is important because travel is on the rise today and this means international roaming data charges. With unlocked phones, there is a way out. You can sign up for a SIM card and service to save money by paying the local rates rather than the international roaming charges.

Saves Money

Locked contracts usually tend to cost more than the unlocked ones. This is because buying unlocked phones implies that you can choose the services and service levels which work for you instead of sticking to a bundle deal. So, with unlocked phones, you will save more down the road although they may cost more up front.

Phone unlocking services are available globally and work anywhere, so you need to get an unlocked phone to reap these benefits. You can get these benefits with unlocked phones Canada.…

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Benefits of Hiring a Software Development Firm in Your Organization

Software development services are mandatory in a company that dreams to achieve theory objective in the technological world. Participation of the high technology organization in your business firm will help you to grow to unimaginable heights in your field of specialty. You need to hire a professional developer to design a system for various purposes.

More importantly, software development services will enable you to be up to date with the trending issues and maintain the customer development and support in your firm. The following are the benefits of hiring a mobile app development firm in your organization.

Process Efficiency in the Organization

Mobile Apps

In all the operations in your organizations, you might be experiencing delays in crucial activities such as finance management, staff management, order management and expenses approval. These daily problems are probably because of the inaccurate operations that confuse the entire organization.

You need to hire a software development firm to design the best software system that will handle tasks in different sections in your organization to ensure efficiency. The app will be able to analyze all the operation and give an accurate report that will help your organization to run smoothly without any challenges.

Dramatically Improved Visibility

When you hire a professional developer for your organization, you will dramatically increase the visibility of your products and services to the public. Software systems can handle customers in real time and provide ideal feedback that will help the organization to grow. An integrated software will help you to make an informed decision and have instant access to the right audience almost anywhere.

Your employees will be able to perform accurate operations with the help of the software because the business data is available in real-time. The performance of your business will improve in the process and attract more potential partners and customers.

Significant Timing and Cost Saving

Lady with mobile phone

When you hire a software development firm in your organization, you will be able to utilize your time well because the systems can maintain multiple processes. You will also save on the cost that you would have used to hire more people to handle the processes n your organization.

The software does not require intensive attention; this will reduce your operational costs as you will only paying the software development firm to troubleshoot the apps when it fails. You will spend precious time to focus on improving the operations of your organization.

User-Driven Innovation

With the help of the software development firm, you will be able to come up with innovations that will improve the experience of your customers. The activities in your organization can be implemented easily when you have integrated software systems as long as you apply functional expertise that will favor user-driven innovations. You will be able to implement and liberate any initiative that will improve the performance of your organization because the software development firm has all the potential to help in such projects that are related to Information technology.…

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Choosing the Right Circular Saw

A circular saw ought to have adequate power to cut through everything from dense hardwood to wet lumber without bogging down. Circular saws are quite common with woodworkers, building contractors, and carpenters. They are portable, powerful and can crosscut, cut, or rip several non-wood materials. A good example of circular saw is rotorazer platinum. The following are some of the factors to look for when choosing a circular saw:

Speed and Control

circular saw bladeMotor rating of the saw is quite important. It is a good idea to choose one with a higher rating. This is because the high rating means that the motor will spin the blade faster. This results in high revolutions per minute. This makes it easy to control. This means that when you have a lot of power, you will get more control. Thus, you can even cut tough materials. A powerful motor means that your machine can run bigger blades.

Safety Features

All circular saws ought to have certain basic features. For instance, you should check whether it has a safety switch. This is the switch you hold to stop the machine. Moreover, it ought to have a blade guard, which moves easily to push the saw through the wood. Just like other tools, circular saws can be quite dangerous when not used accordingly. You should read, follow, and understand safety instructions contained in the user manual.

Saw Adjustments

Usually, a circular saw will have certain controls that can be used to adjust the depth of the cut and bevel of the cut. You can check to see whether the controls are quite easy to adjust and it can be tightened to hold the angle or depth. You can find models that are large and have level-type controls.

Extra Features

circular sawHigh-quality saws will come with extra features like an anti-locking clutch. This is an important feature that allows the blade to slip whenever it binds to the material. This is necessary to protect the drive mechanism and motor. Another important feature to look for is the blade lock. This feature locks the drive spindle. This makes it quite easy to change the blade.


The blade is one of the most important components of a circular saw. It does not matter what you want to saw; you will find a blade that can do the job. It is advisable to use only a sharp saw blade. Avoid blunt blades as they can burn the wood instead of cutting it.…

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Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have taken the cigarette smoking industry by storm. Ever since the electronic cigarettes hit the market, more and more people are choosing the electronic cigarettes over the traditional cigarettes.

Some smokers have decided to try out the electronic cigarettes to have a different experience to what they are used to. This read looks at some of the advantages of the electronic cigarettes.

Vaping in Different Locations

man vapingOne of the benefits of the electronic cigarettes is the ability to vape in many locations. We have smoking restrictions everywhere because of the risk that the primary smokers expose the secondary smokers to. This explains why in many areas you will find the smoking and the non-smoking zones.

The vaping restrictions are not as restrictive as the smoking of the tobacco products. With vaping, an individual can vape in his car, his house or even a public place without causing much discomfort to the people surrounding him.

Improved Sense of Smell

It has been established that the smoking of cigarettes, significantly reduced the sense of smell. This is because as the cigarette smoker gets to inhale and exhale hot smoke which in turn burns the various sensory organs in the nose that is associated with the smell.

When a smoker shifts from the traditional tobacco smoking to electronic smoking, his sense of smell will improve since the sensory organs will regenerate.

Different Tastes

One of the disadvantages of smoking traditional cigarettes is an individual gets to lose the natural taste. This is because the tar and smoke from tobacco limit the sense of taste. Since the process is gradual, many smokers never realize that they are losing their sense of taste.

Many have overtime complained about the taste of their favorite foods. The electronic cigarettes have different flavors which means you are at liberty to choose one that is ideal for you. Smoking the electronic cigarettes will help you in having an increased sense of taste.

Flavor Experiences

As we had mentioned earlier on, the electronic cigarettes have different flavors, unlike the ordinary cigarettes. Cigarette lovers can choose different types of electronic juice or cigarettes with their favorite flavor.

If you are a smoker and you desire the chocolate taste, for instance, you can look for an electronic cigarette that has that kind of flavor.

Nicotine Levels

electronic cigarettesLast but not least, the electronic cigarettes have adjustable nicotine levels. With the vaping device, a smoker can quickly adjust the amount of nicotine that he is smoking at any given one time.

With the e-gears, it is possible to change the nicotine levels without affecting the taste of the cigar. It is thus ideal for people who want to stop smoking.…


Advantages of Data Analysis in a Business

Big data is refurbishing the contemporary technology. Data is the most esteemed asset for each and every small or big business globally. There is several developed quality software, which can quickly help in tackling large quantities of data. Handling bulk of data professionally along with the assistance of software is precisely called big data analytics. Lots of students are there who is quite ambitious towards their career always opt for some great opportunity. So, apart from everything, you can go ahead for some useful and efficient desktop handling course. Also, Tableau is one such software, which makes it quite easier for anybody to do the job more professionally. In the text below, we will outline the reason why you need data analysis in your business, courtesy of the Tableau partner of the year.

Customer Personality

Small companies can believe that personalization of their small sized enterprises allows them to bring forth to their clients’ relationships. This may not replicate in big businesses. So this somehow brings up a feel of differentiation. However, what we are seeing is that the bigger institutions can make a replica of those inborn qualities of their customer relationships. So when data analysis is done to make sense of client intimacy and customization artificially.


Your Limits

Since you can get the targeted personalities within your customers via the process of data analytics, it does not imply that you must get committed to it. At times ethics, practices, customs, and reputations that cause concerns can make you reconstruct the entire plan on the information that you have uncovered. The campaign ended up backfiring, as the company received complaints from customers for whom the thought that their body size was recorded in a database somewhere was an invasion of their privacy. Not only this, but many had since increased their size over the period of their membership, and didn’t appreciate being reminded of it.


Customer Complaints

You have probably in one way or another heard about the additions to your headache a customer can bring forth complaints to offer a lot of useful data. Data analytics gives an optional method for categorizing the given content to drive back the customer feedback which may be either positive or negative. The main reason is to improve and inform how to stop the recurring negative impacts that are faced by the customers. This will also aid in the identification of the long-term solutions.


Data Clean Up

In most cases, the invested resources to sustain your business data analysis may end up pointing on data clean up. You may have heard the narrative of rubbish in and rubbish out; this implies that there is a relationship to the extent and level of the user data. The quality level of data analytics will be generated from it.

working space

The best tool for the success of your business is liberal and open-minded. Always remain flexible when you want to start a data analysis project. It is significant to strategize and keep your focus on your target. You should apprehend that many databases in many businesses have the answers to every question.…


Qualities of a Good Antivirus Software

It’s never easy to rest easy knowing that your computer or smartphone is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Online security breaches are costly in one way or another because computer viruses damage hardware and incapacitate machines’ ability to reach peak performance. They corrupt software and data, leading to system malfunctions. Viruses can bring a giant computerized system to its knees. Obtaining the best anti-virus in the market can help you put a stop to the damage before it occurs. To choose the best, take note of the top qualities of good antivirus software.antivirus software

Browsing technology

Primarily, viruses enter internet-capable devices via the net. Plugging the vents requires a browser technology with high-tech features. Many open source browsers offer average protection in this respect to guard against computer or smartphone from virus intrusion. Choose antivirus software with a virtual sandbox, also known as virus cleanup mode. The antivirus browser technology enables you to remove viruses that you may catch while browsing the internet in a safe virtual environment to avoid mutational challenges that characterize high-tech internet bugs.

Firewall power

Firewall is a virtual barricade that exists between your device and a sea of bad tech-bugs. A vulnerable firewall can be penetrated by sophisticated computer codes and cause damage by giving way to viral intrusions. In some instances, these viruses hold systems hostage. The people behind the bug-attack would then place ransom requests which are often paid to dark web cash accounts that are attached to online crime cartels.

Social media openings

Social media isn’t just an array of online meeting platforms where people poke jokes, exchange ideas, and express their sentiments. It’s also a springboard for harmful viruses. The makers of these viruses attach them to viral files such as celebrity sex tapes or scandalous information that can arouse human interest to promote online sharing. Therefore, ensure that the antivirus software you pick has specific provision for social media related computer viruses.

Speed and reliability

antivirusYou don’t want an antivirus that takes forever to scan a couple of gigabits. Slow scanners can be infuriating and disappointing especially if your device scans for viruses automatically whenever it’s switched on or once you log in to the internet. Slow virus scan puts a strain on a device’s random access memory (RAM), and this can lead to hardware damage. Take note of speed and reliability since it should be fast and effective at virus, removal, and protection in the same breath.

The antivirus should detect and cleanup the bugs automatically. This should be in line with the best practices in the world of antivirus development which features the race for debugging software programs with light and effective regular updates. The significance of this comes in handy if you want to save on broadband wastage. Easy configuration is also one of the qualities of good antivirus software.

Consider the price range and the number of users. Many antivirus software programs come with a bonus user. This means that if the software is meant for two devices, you can still use it on a third device. Note that cross-platform antivirus software programs work on personal computers, smartphones, and pads irrespective of their operating system orientations.…


Wireless Speakers Buying Guide for Beginners

wireless speaker buying guideAlmost everyone in the entire world is fond of listening as well as enjoying music. The primary reason is that music is soothing and give memorable experiences. It’s true that music relaxes your mind and body and gets you excited. Nonetheless, if you want to make sure that you get the experience as mentioned earlier, the wireless speakers you wish to purchase have to be of high quality. And that is not all. This wireless speakers buying a guide for beginners will help you make a sound decision.

Try out speakers

Before you part with your cash to buy wireless speakers its important that you test them in environments similar to those that you will be using them. Testing the speakers in a huge showroom or enclosed environment sometimes makes them sound worse. If the wireless speakers are small, then test them in a small environment. Also, place the speakers closer to a wall to improve the bass performance.

Look out for fakes

Be on the lookout for fakes of common products. You will come across loads of fakes for speakers made by popular manufacturers. The bad news is that the fakes look so real that you cant distinguish them from the authentic wireless speakers. In most cases, the fakes even perform better when it comes to sound quality but may have durability problems in the long run.

Sound quality

Perhaps, this is the key reason why people purchase wireless speakers. They are the latest advancement in music technology, and with them, you are guaranteed of receiving crystal clear sound. Try as much as possible to stay away from speakers with low sound quality.

Power saving

If you pick any wireless speakers, you will be shocked by the way it works and the time which it operates without requiring to be charged. Some operate for longer durations compared to others because they come with power saving features that enable them to work with only a fraction of the power used by normal wireless speakers. The technology used to manufacture them makes them capable of producing high-quality output using the least power possible.

Easy installation

Wireless devices do not require any installation. Even if you wish to set it up somewhere, the process is quite straightforward. All that you need to do is to place the speakers as per your comfort and convenience. Next, uses your Bluetooth phone to start playing your favorite tracks within no time.


After identifying the type of wireless speakers that you need, you have to check their prices from different vendors. Choose speakers that are reasonably priced so that you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket to get the best. The most expensive speakers don’t give the best sound quality.

Selecting the best wireless speakers can be a challenging task if it’s your first timed or you don’t have an expert hand to guide you through the process. Nonetheless, if you stick to this wireless speaker buying guide for beginners, the process of making your selection will be a walk in the park.…